Apple Tv 2-XBMC missing icons

Hi everyone,

I purchased a jailbroken Apple Tv 2 about 1.5 months ago.  It was working fine, now I have lost my icons for programs and navi x.  When i click 1 channel it says missing plugins and for navi x it says cannot open file.  If someone so kind, can please help out.  The person I purchased this from will not answer my call.




How computer savvy are you? You could reinstall the plugins.

Run the config wizard from XBMCHub to reinstall all channels, this should resolve it

Thanks for your help, I will try it tonight


You might have to uninstall XBMC first from your apple tv, go to Maintenance, highlight XBMC and hit the right button on your remote to uninstall, then re-install, once re-installed go back in to XBMC once and exit, then run the wizard.