Apple tv 2 XBMC icon is black.

I have Apple tv 2.ios 5.1.1 Jailbroken with latest Seas0n pass and AT flash.But after install all source,the XBMC icon is totally black.

Any help please.


Every 5.1.1 unit does this to me as well.

Easy fix

Using cyber duck or FileZilla ssh to the Apple TV
Add “.png” to the file name

So it looks like this


Restart Xbmc.

The icon will appear

I’ve had the same “issue” appear on two previous jailbreaks… and I think they were both 5.1 or 5.1.1.  

I put the word “issue” in quotations because it is really NOT an issue – unless you, like me, dislike not having the blue readable XBMC icon instead of a totally black box.  However, the black icon functions exactly like the blue one.

I disliked that black box so much that I removed and re-installed XBMC four times before concluding that there was no easy way to retreive the normal XBMC icon.

I have read how it IS possible to create your own personalized icon in place of the one provided by XBMC, but I guess I wasn’t bothered THAT much to pursue it.  As I recall, that solution was offered by someone who disliked the “XBMC HUB WIZARD” icon installed with that tool.

Perhaps others have a simple explanation and easy solution for the unwanted black blox XBMC icon?

Thanks bovice,

I only see not mv and I did add mv any way,see if it work,but is still black.

Thanks again

Sorry. Ignore the mv

What I meant was

Rename and Add “.png” to the file name

So it looks like this


Finally I have a chance to do it exactly what you said and it works.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

I finally came across a 5.1.1 which allowed me the opportunity to try this fix.

Unfortunately, despite trying it countless times, I just cannot seem to get rid of that BLACK BOX.  I’m following the directions EXACTLY and making the “.png” addition as suggested (without the “mv”). 

No go for me.