Apple TV 2 with aTv Flash (black) - can not see mirror option in iPad 2

Dear Support Team,

I have recently updated my apple TV 2 with season pass and latest aTV Flash (black) softwares as per the instructions given on Firecore Website.

However, I can not see the “mirror” option on my iPad 2 when I click AirPlay button.

Please help me out as I am currently missing a very good feature of my iPad 2.

My Apple TV setting shows software version as 4.3 (2557) and my iPad 2’s software version is 5.0 (9A334).

Many thanks in advance, Cheers,


You need at least software version 4.4 on your Apple TV 2 to get Airplay Mirroring



Dear Klemme,


I have done the jail-break with the latest Seasonpass again yesterday - still showing the same version 4.3.


Any ideas??





you should update your appletv to the newest version of apple software which is 4.4 not 4.3 you will want to do this by putting your box into dfu and attaching to itunes, then clicking restore. it will update your box to 4.4 and allow you to do mirroring, you will then need to re jailbreak it using season pass. hope this helps.

Dear Amit,


just what the previous poster said. You will need to update the iOS software through iTunes.