Apple TV 2 What viewing content is really free, How to do it

I’ve heard of all the free TV and movie viewing of the latest episodes on TV and the latest movies, or at least what is available from HBO and Showtime etc.

Is there one or even two installers like XBMC that will allow one to install HULU, Showtime, HBO etc, and a live feed of all network TV?  It’s beginning to appear to me that there is not.  I think I read one post here stating that XBMC is not compatible with SeasonPass, is that true? 

Once I am jailbroken on my ATV2, what is the single management/installer package I can get to do add the feeds mentioned above.


Thanks so very much!!


No, it is not true as of several days ago, but “Note: Some 3rd party plugins such as Plex, Remote HD, Rowmote, and XBMC are not yet compatible with the 5.1+ Apple TV software.” (Firecore blog)

Thanks for the information. I bought a used one in eBay, possibly the person save the 5.02 blogs assuming it had that firmware. If so and I can locate them in Cydia, would I be able to run the plugins for a lot more free viewing?


I actually see that the copy and paste quote from Firecore blog page above, did not copy correctly.  There should be a line running through XBMC,  as it is now compatible with  firmware 5.2, as well. So essentially one has two choices, to either go with fw 5.0.2 (apple’s still signing it) or fw 5.2, both are compatible with XBMC.