Apple TV 2 Unable to re-jailbreak 4.4.3

Hi Everyone,

The problem I am having is that I recently bought an Apple TV 2 running 4.4.3

It was running a little sluggish so I decided to re-jailbreak it.

I ran iFaith and downloaded all SHSH blobs, but noticed that only 4.4.3 had an iFaith extension instead of SHSH.

Well the device would not re-jailbreak as 4.4.3

Read in another post that when running Seas0nPass, as it starts creating IPSW, you rename s5l8930x_Factory.bin to iFaith.s5l8930x_Factory.bin.

It then creates IPSW successfully, then goes through the process until it gets to the second pass of verifying Apple TV software, then a message pops up

Firmware Restore Failed:(

Have tried jailbreaking with SHSH 5.2 and that works

hi, i would recommend jb the unit to untethered 5.3 while apple is still signing it. Otherwise, if you wang the 4.4.3 jb, you can use a mac pc. i hope this helps.