Apple TV 2 + Plex for IOS

Can you please look at the possibility of installing Plex for IOS on the Apple TV 2.  This would make a great replacement for XBMC/Boxee until they create an IOS version.

 If you feel like going in and doing some plist hacking, you can jailbreak your AppleTV 2,1 and load the Plex for IOS application. 

All that you need to do is modify the App's Info.plist file to set UIDeviceFamily to 3.

This is the same methodology used to make iPhone apps run on the iPad at native resolution.

The way that this operates is using the AppleTV UIKit framework to draw the screen.

Unfortunately, only apps that support hardware keyboard input (ala iPad Keyboard Dock or Bluetooth Keyboard) work with the hardware Remote at present. Plex is not currently one of them, however I am sure that we can expect an update to enable such functionality now that we know what to expect.

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I've got my ATV 2,1 jailbroken, and can easily SSH  an app with a hacked plist  into the Application directory,.  However, I can't figure out how to launch it.  I can run Terminal commands and can install additional binaries to the ATV as needed.  Erica's old launch utility hasn't worked for a while.


Log in via SSH

'cd' to the application directory.

'cd' to the directory.


The application should appear in Green to designate Executable, if you are connecting in from an xterm-color capable browser.

Thanks for that reply!  Unfortunately, I've already tried that, and so far, haven't been able to get any iOS app to run.  Most apps throw the error "Terminating since there is no system event server".  (Run the EventPump or pass the argument "-RegisterForSystemEvents" if you want to run without SpringBoard.  Adding the argument results in new errors.

My guess is there really are lots of frameworks missing on the ATV which are needed to run most apps.  Those can probably be copied from other devices' firmware, but I'll likely wait for someone smarter than me to figure it out. =)

Unfortunately even though the AppleTV runs a flavor of iOS it will not be able to run standard iPhone/IPad apps - 'Lowtide' is the app that runs on the AppleTV, and anything extra will need to run within Lowtide.

Plex runs (in a very early stage) on ATV2

I was able to install this in about 10 minutes (already had my ATV2 jailbroken and a Plex Server running), and it works astonishingly well for a first release. Great to see such impressive early progress. Thanks for the post.

Additional applications can be made to run, however requires copying both pirvate and shared frameworks from the iPhone to the AppleTV.

Note, these libraries must be from the same build as the AppleTV build, so the 4.1 release.

Still, I am working towards an AirPlay redirector for the iPhone and iPad to get apps mirrored to the AppleTV once a 4.2 build drops. Definitely a Cydia release, by the way.


I really am looking forward to that. Interestingly, Airplay (audio) still works in the 4.2GM for iPad on some 3rd party apps like AirVideo, OPlayer, and Stream-to-Me. Of course, there’s no way to test whether VIDEO works until 4.2 becomes available for the ATV.

It would be really great if one of those apps could be made to run directly on the ATV but hopefully the aTV Flash folks will soon add direct support for the popular codecs, which would make those conversion/streaming apps unnecessary.