Apple TV 2 now missing original menus

I’ve had the Apple TV 2 since Xmas 2011.  I installed ATV 1.3 and everything worked at first.  However, I would periodically turn it on and it lost the wireless network connection.  Searching for the wireless networks, mine wouldn’t even show up.  I would try it several times to no avail.  A reboot would sometimes find the network again and then reconnect.  Sometimes the original Apple menus would disappear as well.  Rebooting would bring them back.  When I activate the Apple TV now though, the original menus are not there and a reboot (power off/on or using the remote) does nothing.  I only have the ATV menus.  Further, when I reboot the device it tries to search using the internet and can’t, getting forever stuck.  I can escape out of that using the menu button on the remote but then there is no network connection. 

I’ve tried to restore factory settings to start over, yet that function requires a network connection.  Finally, in desperation, I hard connected the Apple TV 2 to my PC thinking I could use iTunes to restore the software.  However, my PC doesn’t see the Apple TV either, even when directly connected.  I don’t see a way to restore it either to not use ATV which I’d like to use or to get ATV working again after resetting the device as delivered.

Does anyone have a suggestion for something I have not tried. Very frustrating having not been able to use it for a while now.

Your description makes it sound as if your hardware might be failing. Particularly the case where you can not see the device in iTunes when connected via USB (assuming your micro USB cable is a good one).

That’s my concern as I did the jailbreak to install ATV.  Is there any other option to force a re-install?