Apple TV 2 keeps restoring to default



I have done everything correctly in the guide to install seasonpass but when i connect my apple tv into dfu mode a pop up says do i want itunes to restore, i say yes but it doesnt restore it to seasonpass it just restores it back to factory settings.


Probably am doing something stupid here! But help would be appreciated!


Many thanks,


  • Kris

Same for me. Please help

Same for me. Please help

Ok well there are a few things here that could be the problem.

Are you saying Yes for Seas0nPass to run the iTunes script to automatically restore or are you attempting to restore just from inside of iTunes?

If you are attempting to restore from within iTunes you need to click Shift+Restore to bring up a dialog box that will allow you to select the IPSW that Seas0nPass created. Now you cannot just restore the IPSW without putting the device into Pwn DFU mode. If you are using Windows you can download and run a program called iREB (once running click the Apple TV 2 button and this will upload the final stage to allow the custom IPSW to be restored).

So what I need to know is what type of computer are you using, Windows or MAC?

If you are allowing Seas0nPass script to run or not.