apple tv 2 keep flashing nothing eles

itune recognise it   i can restore it to 5.3   cnnect it to tv keep flashing the led light .


restoring is using seasonpass  it takes it it recognise it everything goes smooth  but one i plag it to the tv  rbbot it  with the comouter

all you see is the blink of the light 

used mac or windows   same thing   .


any idea ? 

It sounds as if the ATV2 is waiting for a tethered boot to be performed!

The 5.3 jailbreak is a ‘tethered’ one which means that any time after power has been removed (or after a hard reset) you will need to connect the ATV2 to your PC/Mac via USB to use SeasonPass to do the tethered boot steps. This means that the process must be done with your ATV2 where it is going to be used so that power can be left connected.

yes that’s  what it looks like but unfortunately not.

i did tought of that and it takes the boot everything well when you connect flashing light 


i restore it to the factory setting 5.3 everything goes well restore done but same thiing  flashing .

i just wanna know if i can fix this in future  .  the unit now i exchange it with apple for extra money .

since the warranty is over . they did not try to see why  just do the replacement and this it .

but sometime we may experience like this in future and wanna be able to solve it .thx for your care and time responding to my thread .