apple tv 2 custom main menu

just wondering how can you customize the main menu to not look like apps ??? 



instead of this




Downgrade from 5.0 to 4.4.4 or lower

Damn I guess I kinda screwed up when jail breaking … I was meaning to jailbreak on 4.4.4 guess for some reason it jail broke 5.0… No way to go back is there … Was the first jailbreak


If you saved your blobs from 4.4.4 then yes.


No blobs then no.

No. It was the first time I’ve jail broken an appletv atleast I don’t think I saved them … It wouldn’t have saved them automatically would it …

No - blobs do not get saved unless you actively take steps to save them.

Since the old style look-and-feel is not going to be supported by any new firmware version from Apple going forward, I think that you might as well get used to the new one.

Ya thanks for all the info … My mistake lol… Im sure there will be some cool things come out for the new interface