apple tv 2 becomes non jail broken

Wondering if anyone can help here. I have an apple tv 2 which was jailbroken and working.

I moved it from one tv to another it worked fine then when plugged back into the normal tv it became non jailbroken.

I have now run the seasonpass which jailbreaks it (red icon appears) then when i reinstall firecore it becomes non jailbroken again.

I have done it 5 times and still cant get it to stay jailbroken.

Any help would be appreciated.


What makes you think it is no longer jailbroken?

When you first jailbreak it with Seasonpass the icon for Settings will show up with the Firecore icon.

However when you run FireCore’s ATV Black installer the Settings icon reverts to its normal apple icon. However there should now be a new Firecore Maintenance Icon which you can use to install the Media Player and other features. The ATV is still jailbroken at this stage.

Thanks so much you are quite correct - problem solved It has been ages since i installed it and forgot that was part of the setup which actually isnt listed. Worked a treat.

What is still strange though is why would the media icon just dissapear when moving it from one tv to another.

BTW is there any user friendly setups for xbmc i have tried and tried and unable to use it. I am streaming data from a time capsule.

Thanks again