Apple TV 2 airplay w/o video (sound only) with iPhone 7 IOS 10

Hey guys.

So i have my apple TV that i like to use with my iphone so i can airplay my plex content direct on the apple tv but since i have my iPhone 7 the video doesn’t play on the apple tv (only the sound). I’ve tried my friend’s iPad on ios 9.x and i can airplay any plex video without any problem. Any fix/tweak for this issue?

It is supposed to work on apple tv firmware 6.2.1? (not sure that’s the version i have i’ll have to check when i’ll get home)

Thanks :slight_smile:

EDIT : I highly doubt i have the 6.2.1 firmware since i have a UN-TETHERED jailbreak !

That is exactly correct. You don’t have 6.2.1 as that one is tethered. From what I understand, newer OS’s require the newer firmware to do all these fancy new tricks so you might be out of luck. (That’s why I refuse to update to iOS 10 lol… will hold out as long as possible on my iphone).

Count your blessings… my ATV2 was at 6.2.1 and I finally figured out after days of frustration that I needed 5.3.1. So I figured out how to get it there, and alas… seas0npass does not recognize a device plainly in DFU mode anymore so that JB software is broken (itunes shows the ATV2 in recovery mode at the same time, so I know it’s in DFU mode).

I’ve asked FC to fix… but they’re totally preoccupied with infuse so who knows when I’ll be able to enjoy a jailbroken ATV2 :frowning:

Same. Suffering with Apple TV 2 and Infuse not able to use AirPlay.

Same here. Airplay video no longer works from either my MBP or my iPhone 6s. Please fix this.

Same here… :confused: