Apple TV 2 after jailbreak :(

After jailbreaking my apple tv 2 5.2 with seas0npass, my appletv cannot set the time and date and only computer and settings(with firecore logo) is showing up on the mainmenu. I also cannot login with my apple id.

Need help !! :slight_smile:

If you haven’t already done so, try jailbreaking a second time.  The first time, it didn’t take quite right with me.  


u r not connected to the network, go to settings, gen, down to config wifi and look for your net work

It’s connected to my network so thats not the problem


if you are only seeing computer and settings u r not connected to the net work. go in and check it

yep same here does not set date and time automatically. network is connected i just used nitro to install xbmc on it. so its not the network. my guess is it has to do with the jailbreak.

My apple TV seems not to be working anymore after the Jailbreak.  I did the process twice already and every time I reconnect, I see the Apple logo then nothing.

Please help if possible.


Did you jailbreak using 5.2.1 (the latest)? If so, did you tether boot it?




you were right.  i hadn’t done that step.  I was now able to connect with my Wi-Fi and see that the Settings icon was changes for FC.

What do i need to do now to have free movies?

thank you!