Apple TV 2 (6.0) jailbreak status

I just recently bought a Apple TV2  and I accidentally updated it to the latest Apple TV update. I really want to jailbreak it if it’s possible, please, anyone with any information on how to jailbreak an Apple TV2  with the latest update or how to downgrade let me know ASAP! I did and do the SSH  thing before updating; please help.

Use Ifaith to check if you have a saved shsh particular to your atv. Otherwise, proceed with the 5.3 tethered jb while apple is still signing it.

No saved shsh, will the 5.3 tethered jailbreak work if I’m using the 6.0 update?



When I’m doing the boot tethered jailbreak I can’t unplug the power cord afterwards right?


Correct, If unplugged or power goes out you only need to do the tether part not the whole jailbreak.

Do you know if Apple is still signing the 5.3 season pass jailbreak?


If they aren’t you will just get an error, your ATV will remain on 6.0. I sugest you do it before they stop singning.

Okay, I finally got a jailbroken. I got nitotv  installed, but all of the apps aren’t there.

Have you installed XBMC? Also, you will build your own addons. Best to add the Fusion Server or if you have the winscp add the superrepo all.

Good luck

I already installed xbmc and all of the particular add-ons I wanted. But I’m talking about the packages in nitotv, I can only see a select few of them. How can I view them all? I’m looking for the ones that allow you to use your iPod as a extra remote, overflow, weather apps, and some others I can benefit from

Well, it looks like I’ve missed out by a month and a day. Just updating the staus of apple and 5.3 signing as I looked around at the latest info I had was the 4th Nov 13 above. Got a message from someone saying apple was no longer signing 5.3 /sigh. Will confirm tomorrow but looks like I can’t set my XBMC server up til some smart mofo works their magic.

You got some wrong information… Apple is still signing 5.3.


I tried a tethered JB on my ATV 2 with 6.0.2 and after a succesful load, the ATV won’t display when I plug in the HDMI cable…the light just keeps blinking.  Any suggestions?

Have you done the tethered boot stage after doing the jailbreak?   It sounds like the ATV might be waiting for that to be carried out?


I hope you’re right man. That would be Pure Awesome. Guess I’ll find out tomorrow [today] when I try. So let me get this right tho [roughly]: First off I need to downgrade 6.0 to 5.3. Then jailbreak later. First things first.

  1. load iTunes

  2. plug AppleTV into recovery mode

  3. Shift+restore and browse for 5.3 IPSW

Never tried a downgrade before so am new to it. Any tips would help out heaps.


Cheers guys,



Maybe that’s the step that I’m missing…I have no idea how to perform a “tethered boot stage after the jailbreak”.  Although, I watched a video here that doesn’t show any special tethered boot stage after a JB and his seemed to work just fine.

Please explain the steps to a tethered boot stage after doing a thethered JB. Thank you.


This video is the tethered boot process, not the jailbreak.  Did you do the jailbreak before this?


Okay, maybe I’m getting my streams crossed.  I basically only did what was in the video, so it appears I missed the whole tethered JB process. FNG here.

So, where can I find a comprehensive guide to perform a tethered JB on my ATV 2 with 6.0.2 software installed?  Thank you for your patience. tells you everything you need to know.