Apple TV 2 5.3 JB

Hello, First of all I’m a newbie in this Apple TV jailbreaking.

I bought an Apple TV 2 from a friend the other day knowing that I could jailbreak it and sow the benefits of have it jailbroken.Immediately, I googled, and found Seas0nPass, and performed the jailbreak, then much to my surprise, after doing the whole process, when I connect it to my tv, my ATV doesnt work anymore. So dumbed of me, (I should have checked what firmware version the ATV is, which I only found out upon reading all about, my mistake!) Frustrated, I restored it from iTunes running 6.0.1. Pursuing my need to jailbreak my ATV, I found a thread here somewhere, that I could restore it to 5.3, so I did and again begun the Seas0nPass jailbreak, there were no errors but when I connected it to my TV, I found no other channels in it despite that it has a FireCore logo on the Setting menu. I tried to restore it again to 5.2, but no can do.

Can someone help me what to do next?

Does it have to do about saving blobs? btw, I’m using a mac.

Yes… Without the save “blobs” you will not be able to downgrade to an earlier version.  

Since you do not know the history of this ATV, you should right click on all the untethered versions in SP just in case there was a version earlier than 5.2 saved.  If not, you are stuck on tethered 5.3 until an untethered future jailbreak is released.

Also understand that jailbreaking by itself adds no additional content to your Apple TV.  The jailbreak simply allows for the installation of a media center like XBMC which is done separately.  There is plenty of information available detailing how to install XBMC and the two major repository installers which contain popular programs like 1Channel, Ice Films, Mashup, etc.


@MaxieWagner: Oh…I thought that after jailbreaking I could see XBMC together with Youtube, Vimeo, Qello and others…Okay will try to search how to install XBMC and the the two other major repositories…Thanks for the infos MaxieWagner…This is getting interesting!!!

I don’t work for Firecore and you DON’T have to spend a dime to install XBMC, but Firecore’s aTV Flash product includes XBMC and adds additional functionality to your XBMC configuration – including an internet browser if that is important to you.  There is a link right at the top of this page.

With that said, the free installation of XBMC onto your jailbroken Apple TV could not be more simple.


I have 5.2.1 currently, tethered. I jailbroke it myself about 6 months ago. Is there a way to do an untethered boot for this, or is 5.2.1 no different than 5.3?

If I am able to save blobs and jailbreak again, do I necessarily lose all my current xbmc / plugin settings again? No big deal if so, just curious.




No difference.

And yes… a new jailbreak would involve reinstalling XBMC.

hi guys,

i have an apple tv2 with software version 5.3(6105) and i am using a mac.

is it jailbreakable?

appreciate the response as im losing hope here

Yes, apple is still signing version 5.3 so EVERY apple tv2 can be jailbroken tethered on version 5.3 regardless of what version it’s currently running

It can be jailbroken, just will be tethered.!

What do u mean bu tethered? I installed seasonpass but doesnt seem to work!
I want to install the media thingy… Xbmc or so
What am i supposed to do?