Apple TV 2 (5.0.2 (4250)) Settings General Bluetooth Missing

I’d tried posting this last night, but not sure if I’d put it in the right Sub-Forum as I can’t find the message, or if I was blocked from posting incase I was spamming.

Anyways my Apple TV was Jailbroken ages ago and all is/was running fine, but all of a sudden I dont appear to have a Bluetooth section to allow me to pair or unpair a device.

I’ve rebooted her a couple of times but still no luck.

My remote still works, just no luck with a BT Keyboard.

I also tried installing BTSTack which allowed me to pair my keyboard, but was still unable to get the keyboard to work.

Has anyone else seen this, and if so how can I get the option back on my device without re-installing?


you need 5.2 for bluetooth (offical activated by apple)… if you are on lower FW you can try and install the bluetooth stack in nitotv.