Apple TV 2.3 audio issue

I couldn’t find this anywhere on the forum. As some of you would know, with the arrival of ATV v2.3, video tracks with no AAC audio track will not play with sound. I’ve read through all the forums, and I know that from Apples point of view, they have always said that an AAC track is required in the video stream…it’s only now they seemed to have enforced it :wink:

It would be great if a fix could be done for this in ATVflash, so the videos I have with only an ac3 stream will play correctly. Is there already a fix for this? If not, is it possible? Apple might correct the issue in their next update…and then again, they might not.

I have the exact same issue. Ever since I’ve updated, there’s no music sound. I restarted a few time to see if that’ll help. No luck. For now, I just have to live without music feature.

That is very strange, I can play previews, podcasts, music, and anything else that was already on my AppleTV prior to the patch. I’m not sure of a solution if I can’t see the problem. I’d say change the file format that ATVFiles or NitoTV use, but I highly doubt that has anything to do with your original iTunes content. Have you tried disabling AC3 pass through in NitoTV and in Sapphire? Unless the installation of QuickTime or some other plugin somehow messed around with the original plugins. If that is the case then a Restore is the only option.