Apple TV 2.2 File

I wanted to install the new aTV onto my new Apple TV, but did not want to wait for the next update. Does anyone happen to have the old 2.2 Apple TV file they could send me? Thanks again!

Does the aTV flash 3.3.5 work with Apple TV 2.1? Or does the 2.1 Version only work with 3.3.1?

I really want to try the aTV today, but Thanksgiving is really making it impossible. I did email the company to see if they could send me the older file so I can at least try the software before they come out with the next update. Thanks again

AppleTV 2.2 Restore DMG is here:

If you have 2.1, you can only use up to aTV Flash 3.3.1. PM me if you need 3.3.1, I still have it.

How do you restore the ATV using the DMG?

I’m researching another way, but the only way I know of that works is found here: