Apple TV 15 video freezes periodically

Infuse still freezing picture periodically during the show I have to continuously push play at least 7 times in a half hour show
Tried switching back to Plex immediately wanted a server update so I updated it and it also pauses the video starts to buffer but ends up resuming the video after only a few seconds of buffering
On a Mac mini with Plex server infuse version 7.2.1

The only time I have an issue with freezing is when I pause and rewind a portion of the movie to replay a scene. It’ll freeze the recover and not happen again.

Are you running tvOS 15.1 or an older version?

Is this affecting all videos or just a few?

Can you try changing the ‘Streaming Cache’ option in Infuse > Settings > Playback from Auto to Legacy to see if this has any effect?

so this is 15.1 tvOS and this is with legacy I had auto but it was just as bad
it would pause for 30 seconds and I would still have to hit play button to start also this is ALL
shows at any given time WHEN I skip 10 seconds ahead or back it however this WILL play all the way if I don’t skip with auto on
infuse 7.2.1 there was a post in sept about this marked solution as 7.2.1 update but this never happened until APPLE update

I just recently updated to tvOS 15.1 and last night I noticed the freezing has completely gone away. Now this is just from one movie I watched last night, but I had no issues. Sounds like the issue is gone.

So I did have tvOS 15.0
Just updated 15.1.1 show is still pausing in Legacy changed to auto and a message error occurred it’s definitely better in legacy
At least somewhat watchable but now it’s pausing for no reason and not always when I’m skipping ahead or back. I did this for both A video I never watched and a video that I know was working when I did watch it months ago

I try to speed test it also came up with an error occurred speed test with “auto”
Mac mini M1 ethernet switch cat six cable eero WiFi
Can’t insert graph pic Times out after 80 seconds starts at about 200 MB within 10 seconds it drops down to 45 back up to 200 and at 35 seconds to 80 sec is zero mb
Edit: keep re-testing different every time average speed 235.5 1 MBPS others 43.12 Mbps and so on

Tried just running Wi-Fi and everything is smooth Ethernet switch or something else is wrong

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