Apple TV 1 or 2

Alright I need your suggestions. I am considering installing firecore but I am wondering to put this on an Apple TV v1 or 2.

I understand that ATV1 has a hard drive and ATV2 is only 99 but I have the opportunity to get one or both and what is the best experience.

What advantages are there to ATV2? Cheaper, sure. but firecore is also a beta for ATV2 and from what I've seen there hasn't been much progress (or a least any blog updates to tell us how everything is going)

help, I like the idea of firecore but wondering what to go with.



i would wait for the ATV2g first.i love my 2g and use it all the time..

the quality and experience is different..


JB is coming out soon and firecore should update soon after that..there basically waiting on a JB for 4.2..

I don't see what the Gen 2 Apple TV can do better than the 1st gen.... I have a 160GB 1st Gen ATV, I keep all my music and photos in the built in hard drive so it doesn't depend on another computer to display your photos and music. I also strream media from my NAS drive, I think Nito is a great program and use it regularly. The downside to this 1st gen device is that it doesn't play HD movies well unless they're downgraded in quality. I have a Seagate Theater Plus media player that pretty much plays everything you throw at it, I'm hoping Firecore can do the same for Apple TV II one day.


the quality and experience is different..




I'll like to know how this is so.... I don't see it.