Apple Tv 1 Or 2? Need Help.

Ok, i have one apple tv right now. the Original. I love it with atv flash. But mainly for my external hard drive connected. I want to get another, but my question is, Does the new ATV 2 Have capabilities for external hard drive? id like to have them in each room for the kids loaded with cartoons. Please input. thx

Hi Jeff, this worked with me:

1.install on your Mac/PC Plex

2.Open Plex Media Server

3.Add in the gray lefthand side the media locations where you have stored the media that want to be shown on your TV2g

4.Install after jailbreak TV2 the package from Firecore and instal Plex by means of Maintenance etc.

5.After installation all available media is shown Under Plex in the main menue

I hope this works with you too!