Apple TV 1 forgets Screen Resolution after inital Boot

Hi Everybody,

I have got a problem with my AppleTV (latest ATVFlash, nearly all plugins enabled), which I did not have in an older Version of ATVFlash, as far as I remember:


Everytime I start my AppleTV (from Powerless, no AC-Power), I have to switch resolution back from nasty 480p to beautiful 1280i after booting.

Maybe worth mentioning: My AppleTV normally does not shutdown smoothly, but is simply switched off by Master/Slave Power from my HiFi-receiver.


But: How does AppleTV store its internal resolution? In a file (which, maybe permissions)? In some kind ov NVRam (how)? How can I change resolution during Boot-Time by rc-script for example ?

Do other people have the same problem?


Kind regards,