Apple Remote not working in Internet tab

My White Apple Remote works for all sections of Front Row, but when I click on the Internet tab, the Remote stops functioning. The settings are set to use Remote not Mouse.

Any ideas? 

Are you using EyeRemote? If so, you have to quit EyeRemote in order for it to work in the Internet Area.

Thanks for the reply but No, any other ideas?

Which part of 'Internet' are you having trouble with? 

More info on browsing web pages can be seen here:

 These are the steps I am taking using the standard Apple Remote.

1. Click Menu to open Front Row
2. Navigate to Internet and click the Play/Pause button
3. Now I'm viewing Top Sites view and cannot move left, right, up or down with the remote. The top left site is Netflix and I can't even access that by clicking the Play/Pause button.

I only have keyboard access in Top Sites view.

Am I missing something?

I have exactly the same behaviour of the Apple remote as danc.916. I use Remote Buddy, not Eye Remote.

Do you have any additional software such as Remote Buddy installed?

This is a known issue and is something we're working to resolve.

 Yes, I do have Remote Buddy. I thought that might be the issue.


I´m having the same issue with EyeRemote!

i think it seems that CouchSurfer is not a FrontRow plugin, it is an application by its own. Therefore remote apps like EyeRemote or Remote Buddy think that FrontRow ain´t open anymore, doesn´t recognize CouchSurfer and thinks that (f.e.) EyeTv is “active” and starts its behaviour. This way it ignores CouchSurfer…

I have exactly the same problem with Apple Remote not working in CouchSurfer but I even don't use neither Remote Buddy nor EyeRemote. Any ideas how to solve this problem?

On your site you declare that Couchsurfer is working with Remote and without this function is Couchsurfer quite a bit useless.



I’m having the same problem with the added frustration that I can’t exit FR or CS without a crash if I enter the Internet
tab. Will this be resolved soon? Seems pretty useless without any remote control.


Got the same problem but mine works good already.

Candelair, the alternative Apple Remote IR driver, interferes with the Internet component of Mirow. Which is too bad because Candelair is a great driver and it really improves the use of the Apple remote under Snow Leopard.