Apple Remote app version 4 - Menu button not working

Hello. Using the remote app latest version 4 or 4.1, i can’t go back using the menu button on the app.

If i open infuse, i can use menu to quit the app
I can go back if i enter the settings page or any other page

But I can’t go back once i navigate two or more movie pages. I have to keep pressing menu to quit the app.

Version 3 works fine.
This is using iphone or ipad.

I would like for this to work, i don’t use the atv remote anymore.

Can somebody help me with this?


Can someone please help me?

Am I the only one with this problem?

Any word from Firecore on this issue?

This is something we’ve been looking into, and a fix should be available soon.

i have the same problem!! super annoying

Makes the ATV nearly unusable, wish I could downgrade the Remote app (or, even better, Firecore could patch this problem) :frowning:

Looks like they just released the fix.

How so, bartzjosh?

third one down at the moment.

Oh, sweet. Thought that'd be news for the "blog".

I will give it a go tonight and report back. I really hope this works.

I will also try it tonight, in the meantime I already updated my Remote App on the iPhone, so let's hope it works.

BTW: I really like the new web site design, congrats!