Apple Remote and Sapphire

Hey All

I was thinking of buying an iPod Touch as a remote, though sifting around a few reviews i get the sneaking suspicion that this won’t give me access to ATV’s extended menus and as a result access to my external HDD… Anyone tried doing this / know if it’s possible?

The Apple Remote app only goes as far as the Apple sanctioned menu options. If you need to enter text into a field, i.e. CouchSurfer, then you can use the Remote App to do that. I’m not sure if it’s possible to enable third party support for Apple’s Remote App as Apple will never open up an API for that. The Remote App will need to be reverse engineered to get it to work most likely.

saphire previeuw 3 Added support for the iPhone’s remote app gestures under 2.4 (This needs further testing