Apple remote and 'DVD' controls.

Hello everyone! First and foremost I want to thank everyone on this board for all the useful information I’ve come across w/ aTV Flash installation. I’ve learn a lot trough trial and error. I’ve come across plenty of issues, but I’ve been able to resolve them thanks to all the topics I’ve come across. One issue that I can’t seem to find an answer to is when it comes to using the Apple remote w/ DVD files. The remote works perfectly w/ Boxee and the Apple TV menus (as well as all video files) but I can’t seem to be able to control the VIDEO_TS, VOB & ISO files once there playing. All I can do is rewind. Anyone have any idea if this is normal? Thanks in advance.

Hi there!
Well, NitoTV has some issues with the remote on systems with the 2.2 firmware. So the general advise would be to downgrade to 2.1 and see what happens. (use the instructions found here), Be sure to have all the software you need for patching on both firmware versions! Some older atv-flash installer stopped working. 3.3.1 is doing well so far for 2.1.

You should be able to do a little bit more than rewinding even with 2.2 At least chaper forward & back should be there. Have you tried the keymap thing (changing audio/subs during playback)?


…and don’t forget to turn on “DVD Menus” under settings for DVD (nito).