Apple Lossless 2Ch 16bit 48kHz Playback via Apple TV 1/Old/Classic

My apologies if this topic has already been covered... Does anyone know if the Apple TV (original/classic/1) will playback Apple Lossless audio at both 44.1 and 48kHz without resampling the audio?  Everything is 16 bit and sync'd to the ATV - I am not asking about Airplay, where iTunes itself will downsample everything to 44.1/16.

While most of my music comes from my CD collection (44.1/16), I have been ripping my concert DVDs and converting to ALAC for audio-only playback on a system without a TV (living room stereo).  Most (if not all) concert DVDs are multi-channel dts, 16 bit, 48 kHz, but usually contain a 2-channel version (usually also dts, but sometimes only AC-3).  The sound quality is actually quite good and I've been using Max to add these audio tracks to my iTunes library.

I am curious if these are playing back 'bit-perfect' via Apple TV 1 -> optical -> NuForce Icon HDP (DAC) -> 2-channel receiver.

Will the introduction of Perian (via aTV Flash) change the answer?

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Really, no one from FireCore knows the answer to this?  Is there a document somewhere that outlines what audio file types may be played back from atvFlash?


Unfortunately the audio downsampling you're seeing is a firmware level limitation that won't be affected by having aTV Flash installed.