Apple logo keeps coming up on original atv

Had this for quite a while now and had not had it running on my apple tv for quite a while. Decided to put it back on today. Installed ok and seemed fine. I was just adding all the boxee xmbc etc and restarted finder. This is what happened

Screen went black.

Apple logo appeared,

then the apple start video started,

screen went black,

apple logo appeared,

screen went black,

apple logo appeared

And so on and so on. Have left it running for about 30 mins and this just keeps happening. Any thoughts on how i can get round this and why its happened. When I used to have this on my ATV it worked fine with just a few minor niggles but now i cant even start it up

It has the latest software which i downloaded from here today.


you need to run tethered jailbreak portion again to view the options on screen 

Thanks but how do i do that?

I think i have found how to do it. I have downloaded season pass on my mac but how do i connect via usb to my mac? Also mine is a original atv not the new black one. Thanks

Ok. After looking around a bit i have seen you need to conect via micro usb. But also ( i may be wrong here) i think the newest version is only for atv2. Does this mean i can no longer use my atv now i have downloaded the latest atv flash version. How do i get it back to factory settings at least???

"SeasonPass is a new jailbreak tool for Apple TV 2."

Did you click on the "pre-order" button on this page and then enter your payment info and download the beta?

If not then I doubt you have the atv2 version.

But the link you have sent me is for a apple tv 2 not the original? The back of the original atv does not have a slot for micro usb