Apple launches official Hulu Plus Channel on ATV (Is it supported by aTV Flash?)

So, apparently Apple have finally officially allowed Hulu Plus on Apple TV.

See this link:


However, I haven’t yet done the upgrade to the untethered 5.0.1 update because I kinda preferred the look of the text menus rather than the new channel icons.

This might make me change my mind though.  My question is, does aTV Flash support the new Hulu Plus channel.  Can anyone who is running 5.0.1 confirm this?


I have 5.0.1 jailbroken and Hulu hasn’t appeared after 2 hard resets :frowning:

Hasn’t shown up here either. 

Yes it does…Just got home for lunch to try it out and it did appear.  I unplugged the apple tv then plugged it back in.  Tried hard booting with remote but it froze on me on the apple logo so then unplugged.

Restarted by pulling the plug and I don’t see it.

hmm…I dont know then.  Yea that’s all I did for my apple tv downstairs which is running 1.5 was unplug and the one upstairs is running 1.7 and I pressed the down key and menu and hold tell the lights start blanking and it worked with that and reset.   Both my apple tv 2 have hulu plus now.   Is everyone in the states??  Im just asking that just cause I heard netflix does not work when your not in the U.S so im thinking Hulu plus is the same since it deals with tv shows. 

I am not in the States but I do have UnblockUs on my Apple TV 2 and have accounts with both Netflix and Last.FM and have no problems with either service.

huluplus-icon suddenly appeared today after having atv2 booted without special reason. Wasn’t aware of Apple’s decision yet and very surprised. Despite having disabled the update-funcionality both happened: updating huluplus without loosing the jailbreak. Maybe huluplus was already part of iOS5 but just kinda “hidden” ?!? Eventually XBMC stills works and also does huluplus - no issues at all …

Okay, I’ve restarted many times today and still no Hulu Plus. Is anyone else having this problem?

I can’t say what the exact cutoff version is, but it’s likely Hulu Plus will only appear if the Apple TV is running Apple TV 5.0 (iOS 5.1) or later.

Also, it seems it’s only available in the US for the time being.

I’m still running ATV V4.2 or something REALLY OLD on my ATV2 (Black). I would like to add Hulu to my Apple TV. I have a US DNS service so as far as Apple’s empire is concerned, I AM a US customer.

 I assume I would have to:

  1. Run the latest Apple software to the ATV2 (V 5.01 ?)

 2. Wait for Hulu to install

  1. Re-jailbreak the ATV2 and then download the latest ATV FLash.

I haven’t bothered updating my ATV for ages because I didn’t want to go back through the whole jailbreak process etc… if I went through the above, it is relatively easy and trouble-free ?



I’m a canadian using unblockus. In order to get the Hulu Plus app, I had to change my country in the iTunes Store settings to United States.

Great! That worked for me too on jailbroken AppleTV and unblock-us



Did you have to install the latest Apple update though ? I’m still on old 4.2.1 or so.




I already had 5.0.1 so i don’t know if you need to update

but do the update, it’s really easy and you get the new graphic interface

THanks, but if I do the update to 5.0.1, do I have to jailbreak again and then install the latest ATVFlash over again ? (assuming that it can actually be done at all on 5.0.1)




Yes, you have to do it again, but it takes you like 15 min tops


Yes, although the current version of Seas0nPass has been updated to 5.0.2 now.  I did it a couple of days ago, from 4.x and it was pretty straightforward.  It’s basically no different to jailbreaking for the first time.

Yes, you need the 5.0 firmware with the new GUI. I was on the latest pre 5.0 firmware prior and did not see Hulu Plus pop up.

Upgraded to latest untethered jailbreak and once I changed my country to United States, the Hulu Plus icon showed up (no need to have a US iTunes account but I’m using UnblockUs).

Here’s something to keep in mind for those with iTunes Match accounts that are not from the US … Once you switch the country to US, you are logged out of your iTunes match appleID and you cannot access your music library. Attempting to log in with the iTunes match account will give a message telling you “This account is only valid in …”.

However, switching back to US, you’ll find Hulu remembers your Hulu login info. So it means it just removes it from your icons to prevent accessing it. I’m hoping there is a way to simply stay logged in with you iTunes Match account, and therefor your proper country selected, and then simply enable the visibility of the Hulu Plus icon. As I understand, even people without an anti geo-blocking service can browse Hulu on the AppleTV by simply switching countries, but get an error when they play content. This makes sense since that’s when the geo-blocked CDN (Content Distribution Network) of all the Hulu videos comes into play.

So I’m hoping that with some basic .plist editing, someone more capable can figure out how to permanently make Hulu visible.


Ok, I think I came across a fairly simple solution to my own dilemma.

First of all, let me make it clear that I am no pro, but I understand the basics. So with some basic poking around and trial and error, I managed to allow AppleTV for me to log in with my iTunes Match account (not US), while still keeping United States selected as the country, and thus, keeping Hulu Plus visible.

The trick was to temporarily modify the “StoreFront.plist” and stop the AppleTV from doing a check as you log in with another account. Here’s what I did, and I can’t say with any certainty that it will work for you.

Before proceeding, make sure you have United States selected as your country (Hulu visible) and you’re not logged into an iTunes account.

  1. Find “StoreFront.plist” at /User/Library/Application Support/Front Row on your AppleTV

  2. Open it up in a Property List editor (I used Xcode)

  3. Under the pings array, delete the value for Item 0 ( … ) and leave it empty

  4. Under the storefronts array, find the United States Item, and the country item you would like to log in with

  5. Copy the URL from your country store, to the United States URL value

  6. Save it and copy it back to /User/Library/Application Support/Front Row (make a backup of your original “StoreFront.plist” first)

  7. Restart AppleTV and log in with your account.

Again, this is what worked for me, and I can already tell that I lucked out. The reason being, is that when I took a second look at my “modified” “StoreFront.plist” I noticed that the pings URL has reappeared and the proper storefronts URLs have been restored. I obviously have no idea what I’m doing, but hey, it worked and there seems to be no trace of it!

It appears to be a temporary solution since I’m fairly certain the moment you switch countries again, the AppleTV will initiate another account check.

iTunes Match works perfect (with non-US account) and Hulu plays just fine. Haven’t given iTunes Store (shows/movies) a try, but I never use it. Anyway, I hope this helps someone.