Apple iOS 16.2 HomeKit Updates having problems

If you happened to select the “Update your Home Architecture” option after updating to 16.2 you may have some problems.

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I ran into this problem with family members being removed from the home and not being able to add them back in. I didn’t want to wipe my HomeKit config so I followed the instructions in this link and performed it on all invited phones/iPads and it worked for me.

I didn’t have to perform this on any of my devices.


When I initially tried to update, the Home app wouldn’t let me since I have a device running a version older than 16.2 somewhere (it wouldn’t tell me what device it was though).

I guess I don’t mind holding off for a bit now.


Ditto! That’s the only thing that saved me. LOL

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Apple has provided some help but not sure if it will help everyone

So I can finally be happy Apple won’t allow my pre-HomeKit-chip smart devices (which I can control from my iPhone with the individual apps, or from Google Home and Alexa devices) to interact with HomeKit?

Sweet. :+1:t3:

If you’ve upgraded you probably won’t have issues accessing your devices… it seems to only break invitations for other users.