Apple Family share subscription using same OneDrive source as Library

Since an Infuse subscription is shareable within Apple Family, I’m running into an issue trying to share access to my OneDrive folder for content after a Family Member has set up Infuse.

  1. Family member is able to successfully download Infuse on iOS and tvOS, and Pro Subscription is unlocked and shown as “Active” on both. Family Member downloaded it and activated the subscription all with his own AppleID as it’s connected to my Family Account that I oversee.

  2. Family member is able to add my personal (not business) OneDrive folder on his iOS app and gains access to all the content in there with no issues as a Media Library on his phone.

  3. However that OneDrive folder does not show up on tvOS. You can’t add it the drive natively from tvOS, so logic would say as it’s already set up on his iOS device, that library would mirror to his tvOS login. But it isn’t.

  4. Adding the OneDrive folder for myself on my iOS device worked similarly, and the library was mirrored to own tvOS devices with zero issues. (it’s great btw)

  5. I even tried adding myself as a user to his tvOS to see if it would work with my login credentials and it didn’t.

I’m stumped.

Family Sharing in Infuse will allow purchases to be shared, but Apple does not allow sharing of iCloud data between family members.

For this reasons, each family member will need to have their own shares setup on their devices.

For OneDrive, this means creating the share on iOS and then it will sync to Apple TV. One quirk here is that only one iCloud account can be used for syncing on Apple TV, and this is the main (default) iCloud account Data from other accounts will not be synced.

Some other info on using iCloud Sync can be found here.