Apple DRM Movie Purchases

We have a mix of video files in our house. Most of them are DVDs/BluRays that I have ripped and are stored on our local NAS.

Infuse is pointed to two folders on the NAS to pull in the movies and TV Shows into the library.

That said, we have a handful (maybe 15) movies we have purchased through iTunes on AppleTV, etc.

Is there a way to have Infuse pull in those videos and be able to play them in Infuse, if they have been purchased through iTunes and have the DRM associated with them, etc?

To complicate things, the movies were purchased as part of family sharing (so of the 15, 3 are on family 1 account, 7 are on family 2 account and 5 are on family 3 account). The AppleTV has access to all 3 accounts and can view the movies just fine under our Library in the Video section.

I’m also prepared, for these handful of movies, we just have to use the native Videos app from Apple, but was hoping there is a way to get them into Infuse, so we have access to all movies in one spot.


Unfortunately, the DRM prevents other than Apple players from playing them so Infuse can’t access those.

Thanks, I thought that would be the case, but figured I’d ask anyway.

It’s still all on the same Apple TV, so more of a nuisance than anything else.

I wonder if it is possible for Infuse to ‘catalogue’ the iTunes movies/tv shows, then pass them to the right Apple player when you want to play them?

I have a copy of all my iTunes movies and TV Shows on a network drive. But I can’t play them through the Apple TV if my internet is flaky. I have to use AirPlay from another Apple device!

Apple used to allow this years ago (iOS 8?), but it is no longer possible. :frowning:

bummer! thanks for your reply

I just saw that the app justwatch can do this with Apple TV+ Content. Any news if Apple is again going to allow apps like infuse to at least link to purchased itunes movies?

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It appears that JustWatch is not a player but a content combiner and display for multiple streaming services very much like the Apple TV app. It looks like it doesn’t play any videos, it just launches the service that has the one you want to play. With that in mind Apple isn’t allowing them any special rights concerning DRM.

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Is there a way to force Infuse to ignore DRM content, and only display non-DRM, playable content? I don’t want to see content in Infuse that I cannot play because I will never remember which content has DRM and which ones do not.

Not at this time. Sorry.

Thanks for the quick reply. Having played with it a while now, I really like Infuse!

I just subscribed last night and I’m impressed with what Infuse does with cover art, genres, and nested movies in series. I’m also thrilled that it plays the DTS tracks embedded in files. I think if I didn’t have to play roulette with whether something will play or not every time I click on something to watch, I’d be happy to make the commitment to a lifetime subscription. With over a thousand media files, it’s impossible to remember which were purchased and which were not.

I would think as a developer there would be no restrictions preventing you from applying a filter that only processes non-DRM media. By doing that, users would be able to use Apple’s UI for purchased content, and your UI for non-DRM content, ensuring no matter what kind of media the user wants to browse, they can play anything they request, without a failure to play message.

For now I’ll probably stick with Apple’s UI just because it will play anything I select, even if it doesn’t use the extra audio tracks, but if Infuse ever gets a filter to ignore and not display DRM media, I’m all in.