Apple apps disappeared ?????

So yesterday my 5.0 jailbreak and installation of aTV flash 1.4.1 went really smooth. Everything worked great. Today I go to check out the new OS, everything looks the same, then all of a sudden most of the stock apple apps disappear. I’m left with media, computers, settings, and maintenance. WTF!!! Tried restarting low tide and rebooting tethered, still only those four apps available. Restore with seas0npass, everything looks good see firecore logo on settings. I install aTV flash 1.4.1, then apps gone again. Repeat, same deal. Any help would be appreciated. 



The standard apps disappearing normally means that connection to the Internet has been lost for some reason.

Same network I’m on right now. Also, I was able to install NitoTV. aTV flash does work in this state.

Checked home sharing connection. Reentered acct. info, everything came back. At least now I know how to fix it.