Apple 4k TV, infuse 6 running slow opening tv folder, and search function

Installed infuse 6, on my brand new apple TV 4k,

I really want to upgrade to pro, but im having issues,

I have a very large Plex Library,

1, in library its constantly fetching content never stops

2, when i click movies, takes around 30 seconds to open met with black screen white circle then it will load up, but seems to take this ling every time i open infuse,

3, when using the search feature, it taking so long i think the content isn’t there, but if i wait around 40 seconds it will eventually show,

once i play a movie it will play perfect, but the whole experience doesn’t feel good,

would the pro version fix these issues?

on a positive note, infuse, auto pics AC3 5.1 audio which is awesome,

if i could just have it running faster it would be awesome,

open to any suggestions.

In plex everything loads super fast, but I manually have to set AC3 5.1 every time, so infuse has a feature id love to keep using for you,

thanks for any replies

Local or remote plex library? From what I’ve read there are performance issues with large remote plex libraries.

yeah its remote server,

Like I timed it,

open Tv folder, 34 seconds,

come back out then

open movie folder 32 seconds,

just seems like an age of time wasted coming in and out looking for media to watch,
and search is just same around 40 seconds, each search, it take that long you think there
is no such media :),

Like this doesn’t happen when you first open infuse, its a constant, while in use,

so the pro version wont help?

sorry to explain, when i say open folder, i mean, i see a black screen with a circle in the middle going round and round, 30 odd seconds at a time, every time,