Apple 3TV

hi guys,

am new to this forum so excuse any mistakes i may make or silly questions i may ask.

Can the Apple TV 3 be jailbroken and if so any tips on how?

Thanks in advance

No. There is no jailbreak for the ATV3.

Ok thanks

On the ATV 2 jailbreak can Netflix be watched? When I try it says that apple software needs to update. I am reluctant to update anything as I don’t want to ruin the jailbreak

I know I am late to the game on this one, but I am wondering why there is no jailbreak for ATV3?
Also, I couldn’t find my box and thought I had the ATV2 and was trying to jailbreak it last night. Now I cannot get the lights to turn on when I plug it back in to my tv. When I try to use the micro usb that I have it doesn’t show up on iTunes so that I can try to restore. Any possible help solutions for that?
Thanks a million!