Apple 2 tv locked up

Hello, I ran Season pass and now if I hook it to the tv it just flaxhes and shows a picture of the box showing a cable hooking to it. I have tried running it again and no change.

                  Thanks for your help



I got the same thing after I ran an unsuccessful JB–had to restore to the Apple signed firmware (5.0.2) but I’m not an “expert” 

just curious – where was your photograph taken?

I beleve this was in Colorado.

how did you go about the restore, Itunes does not see the device.



We need more details. like you plugin MicroUSB cable and didn’t u see a light flash…or no light?.

When I run season pass, I tunes opens up. I let run for a long time. I click restore, I get an error 21. If I hook to the tv, I get a pic of the box with a usb cable.