Appe TV 1G Error: Update script exited with status:126"

Hello everybody! I´m new in the forum. Sorry for my bad english, it´s because my native language is spanish. Recently I buy an Apple Tv first generation and I flash with ATVFlash. Then I install the Launcher for XMBC version 3.2.5. Next I choose the Launcher options for download XMBC (there is 3 different versions, I try all). When the download ends (45.6 MB) appear an “error: Update script exited with status: 126”
Here is the picture of the error

Apple Tv got the latest firmware. Can you help me? Thanks you

Is the XBMC item up-to-date in the Maintenance --> Manage Plugins menu?

Yes, the XMBC is up-to-date (V 3.2.5) . I think its a failure of the launcher. Thanks for your answer.


I make a factory reset, but the error continue. Here is a Crash Report Log

It´s something bad? I need your help

Any ideas? I really need to install XBMC in my Apple TV. Thanks

Hi, the version of XBMC that should be showing in the Maintenance --> Manage Plugins menu is

Is this the version you are seeing?

Hi, James. Yes the version of XBMC launcher is the last (V, the firmware of the Apple TV is the version 3.0.2