App Store not updating to 7.5 on Mac

I moved your post to the thread regarding this. You’ll see updates here.

Well, good to know that (1) I’m not the only one having this problem and (2) the team is working on this.

Version 7.4.10 on my iMac (Ventura 13.2.1) keeps crashing with the “Infuse quit unexpectedly” error after 30 seconds of trying to refresh my library. At least my iPad and Apple TV are running 7.5 just fine.

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Yes that is fixed in 7.5. Related to TMDb. You can temporarily disable metadata refresh

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I can wait for the Mac app store to be fixed. My iPhone, and Apple TV have the latest version and it’s primarily the Apple TV I use Infuse with. I had mainly installed onto the iPhone / Mac for quick access to check library updates when adding content so I didn’t have to fire up the Apple TV each time, just to check.

By the way, the new trailers option shows up under the movie details correct? When updating my library after the Apple TV updated to 7.5, I saw a “Trailer” button in the movie details page of a movie I clicked on. Just wanted to make sure things had updated, and were working as expected.

Hi team, has there been any update from Apple’s side? I’ve been waiting for the Dolby Vision fix in this version ^^

So far, none that I’ve seen checked the App Store again this morning, and still showing up to date. See my above post though. the Mac version isn’t too critical for my use personally. It’s a just nice to have for me.

My guess is that since it’s just past 8AM Apple time they’re still working on their double mocha frappuccino and getting started looking at things.

I bet James is like one of the occupants of the maternity ward waiting room. :cold_sweat:

I’ve actually gone back to just using the physical media more. It’s nice to go back through discs to see what’s still fun to watch, and what’s not, and not have to worry about streaming limitations regarding formats. With that said though, Infuse 7.5 DOES seem to fix the TrueHD 7.1 issue where it would only play stereo unless ATMOS was disabled in the system audio settings for TVOS.

I noticed that when I resumed a movie with an ATMOS TrueHD track, and switching from the standard DD 5.1 track back to the TrueHD 7.1 track kept surround channels in tact. So, I’m happy, the most important platform for my use seems to be up to date and working normally now.

I spoke to a senior advisor this am, and they are working to get an updated status from engineering and also asking them to prioritize this.

We’re hopeful this can be resolved soon. :crossed_fingers:


Are there any sync issues known between 7.5 on the Apple TV and iOS and the current older version on the Mac? I finished watching a movie yesterday on my Apple TV but this won’t sync back to the current Infuse version on my Mac.

Not an issue per se, but 7.5 has a number of iCloud related changes so it will not sync with older versions.

Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue since 7.5 should have been available on all platforms at the same time, but alas we’re stuck waiting on Apple here. :confused:

Anyways, once 7.5 for Mac becomes available it should pick up the new changes from iCloud so the watched statuses will appear correctly.


If you are eager to install 7.5 and don’t want to wait on Apple, you can join the TestFlight group using the link below which will give you immediate access to 7.5 for Mac.

Note: Your App Store license will not be available in TestFlight, but to workaround this you can do one of two things.

  1. Select the Lifetime license on the purchase prompt, and you will not be charged.
  2. Log in to Trakt on another device running the App Store version, and then log in to the same Trakt account in 7.5 for Mac.

Apple has just resolved the issue, and Infuse 7.5 for Mac is now available on the App Store. :raised_hands:

Thanks for your patience, everyone!


Hey James, just confirming that I am now updated on my iMac to Infuse 7.5.

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Thanks for your perseverance!



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I will take down the Apple from my dart board now, and say THANK YOU to all the Infuse crew who worked hard on the update and fixing that metadata crash. Take the rest of the week off guys!!! :crazy_face:

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