App Store not updating to 7.5 on Mac

Running Monterey 12.6.3 on iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015).
Infuse Version: 7.4.4329.
AppStore is not showing any updates. The current version Version: 7.4.4329 is available only.
No provision for forcing an update.
How can I upgrade?




It seems that Apple is having a few problems. It’s being looked into. :wink:

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I observe the same problem on the MAS, the available version is 7.4.10…

Is it possible to provide a direct download link for the update? Apple Canada’s app store is still showing 7.4.10, and I’d like to update my paid purchase to one that actually works please and thanks.

The Mac update appears to be stuck in some sort of App Store limbo. We’re working with Apple to get this resolved. More news soon.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to provide a direct download and keep the same level of features (iCloud sync, in-app purchase, etc…)


Thank you for the info on this thread. I was just coming on to report the problem. I have the update on iPhone, and Apple TV, but not the Mac. Same issue as already described in this thread.

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Hi all, is this update available on the Mac App Store? I can’t find it.

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Yeah, for me it’s also not showing in the Mac App Store (it’s still v7.4.10 there). On my Apple TV and iOS devices I was able to download v7.5.

Maybe they forgot to roll it out to the Dutch App Store or something? (your username sounds very Dutch)


I’m from Germany and still don’t have the macOS update…

We’re still working with Apple to get this resolved.

Thanks for your patience.


Time to get the pitchforks and torches and storm the castle?


Thanks, James. Seems the app won’t sync with iCloud either after several attempts. Suspect that’s a separate issue from the inability to search by cast/actor.

Joseph M. Sutton, MD, FACC

I’ll be first in line!!! :fire::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Still no update for MacOS…

Been waiting for two days now, and still nothing in the MacOS App Store (Australia).

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We all have, hope Apple has a weekend crew.

They famously don’t. Apps and updates very rarely get published on weekends, you get a big pile of them on monday.

I know we are talking the Mac here, but I usually get a YouTube update Sunday evening. Usually when I don’t, is if it’s a holiday weekend.

The update is still processing, but the reply from Apple this morning is as follows.

Our engineering team is still investigating the issue. We will follow up with you once we have further updates.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to resolve this matter.


Still no update in Germany. Today is the 18.March…