App on several devices

I’ve decided to buy the infuse 2 PRO, but before it, I’ve a last question.

I’m using 3 IOs devices, all of them under the same Apple ID: my own iPad, my own iPhone and my iPad for professional proposes. I want to know if I’ve to pay 3 times to enjoy the apps on each device.



Yes, a single copy of Infuse Pro can be used on multiple devices as long as the same Apple ID is being used.

Just tap the Restore button the purchase prompt on device #2 and 3.

Just a further question on this - is it limited to 3 devices?  3 kids - their 3 devices, myself and my wife will need to use it.   Do I need to pay again?

Apple allow up to 10 devices (I think that is the current limit) to be registered to a single iTunes account.   As long as all the devices are registered to the same account then you can install on all devices and only have to pay once.

Thank You !!!