App keeps crashing & spinning circle

For about a week I have this problem:

  • When I start my ATV I noticed that it starts in the ATV main menu and NOT in the Infuse app (where I left it when I turned off the ATV) => obviously because the app crashed
  • The app keeps crashing when watching a video anywhere between 10 seconds to 3 minutes. Once the video runs longer than that the app no longer crashed.
  • In the Infuse main menu I see a spinning circle next to the cog wheel. I assume it’s scanning for metadata, because in the submenu “LIBRARY” it says “Fetching metadata changes” (right below the number of films, TV episodes, other). It’s impossible to let it finish the scan, because it crashes within about 2 minutes.
  • In the submenu “SHARES” it keeps scanning for shares (spinning circle there) until it eventually crashes within 2 minutes.
  • I tried “Submit Diagnostic”, but I always get the error “Upload failed”.

Here’s my setup:

  • ATV A1842 (64GB)
  • tvOS 17.2 (21K365)
  • Infuse Pro 6.7 (3858)
  • no recent changes to setup (hardware/software), network etc. (problem started out of the blue)

Please help to get rid of the crashes!

I’d suggest that you upgrade to Infuse 7. Infuse 6 is a legacy product and with all of the recent changes to tvOS it may not be able to function with the security changes in the OS.

As you suggested I switched to Infuse 7. Works fine now.


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