App icon option missing in tvOS 17 beta 4

I have updated to the latest tvOS 17 yesterday, and the option to change the infuse icon color (white/black) is disappeared.
And the icon is only white.

Just checked mine and I’m seeing the same issue after installing the beta.

I’ve noticed the same too.

Worked fine on Developer Beta 3 and public Beta
But this feature appears to have been removed (hopefully temporarily) in Developer Beta 4.

This isn’t just for Infuse, it’s ALL apps that allow custom icons, such as Infuse and Plex.


Unfortunately it’s still the same in Public Beta 2 (based on Developer Beta 4).

Maybe this will come back in Developer Beta 5/Public Beta 3 - or itay now be a permanently removed feature

Using Apple TV and version 7.5.8 (4470) infuse now only has the white app icon and there is no option to select a black icon anymore in settings.

Anyone else have this?

Many thanks.

Are you on tvOS 17?

Yes but I didn’t think that would make any difference to the infuse app?

Yes, and it’s affecting other apps too.

Yes it affects all apps.
It appears Apple has now removed the ability for app developers to allow custom Home Screen icons.

(Hoping this gets re-added in future)
It may be an unintentional consequence of the system changes, that requires developers to adjust their code to the new changes

Good bêta 6 :+1::+1::+1::+1:


Confirmed! :white_check_mark:

Custom app icons are back with tvOS 17 developer beta 6! :raised_hands:


I can also confirm that FULL app icon customisation has now been restored with Developer Beta 6 (21J5339b).

This now works with all apps, not just Infuse.

It also restores your previous app icon customisations that you had prior to it being temporarily removed - so no need to go back in and reselect each custom app icon.

Quick work in Apple restoring this issue.

Again, I’m impressed with Apple’s handling of updates.

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:star_struck: hope they listen for bitstream too

Don’t we all :joy::joy:

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