App for Samsung smart TV

Hi there everyone...

I love the app on my Apple TV and would love to see an app for my Samsung TV.

is there anything in the pipeline?



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yes could be nice with Infuse for Samsung smart tv

Yes Please

Would be awesome :-)

Is there anything new on this? It would be really helpful.

I too would absolutely love too have an infuse app for the Samsung tv. My Samsung RB plays everything including hevc, and I would love to be able to stream from my NAS drive. I can now with the tv but Samsung video play software just looks rubish! Would love something like infuse, wid be great if you could play music as well as movies and tv shows! I would certainly pay for an app like that!!

Very good idea. Consider pleas



Absolutely! Add my vote, please. +1

Any statement from Samsung, or Firecore, on this?

It would be great!!

Me too!!!

I’m guessing that development for this would be near to impossible compared to ATV, where there are only two hardware versions. Each year you have a dozen different TVs from each manufacturer and making one tool that works for everyone and works as well is not sustainable. Kinda like the android world. Plus, infuse uses a lot of APIs from Apple that just might not exist in Samsung world, so recreating some of those would be incredibly time consuming. I guess with newer tv’s you can rely on streaming with airplay 2.

And what about DS Video which is working with PGS SUBTITLES on Samsung tv and not plex player ?

It would be great if we could have Infuse on Samsung TV!
I would pay for the app too.

Any future plans for this?

It is not issue of the many models, it needs to be build for the specific os.

Everything is in the topic ! :wink: An Infuse app for SMART TV, and especialy for Samsung TV :wink:

I would love that, and ready to pay!