App doesn't work with Airplay

As from the title, the app doesn’t load content while sharing to an external screen with Airplay.


With the latest Alpha6 when playing in mac Big Sur 11.2

  1. Load Infuse application
  2. Set Airplay to Homepod(father) (not the kid(mini))
  3. While playing anything in the application
    it is giving an error as 'An error occurred while loading the content

[when changing the sound output to a speaker or Bluetooth speaker it is working fine]

(sorry first time raising a bug in testing) Please let me know if this is not the place or somewhere else it needs to be raised.


Could not find an option to just share the player window via Airplay (instead of being dependent of using the system-wide/full-screen airplay from the menu bar). That would be much smarter.

Issue still present on Alpha 9