App Crashing Instantly

I’m a fairly new Infuse Pro user. I’ve had it installed my aTV4K for a few weeks now.

Today I experienced the problem of my entire library disappearing like many people. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app, now I can’t even open it. It instantly crashes every single time. I’ve restarted the aTV multiple times, disconnected it from power, no change.

The interesting thing is, I’ve never installed it on my iPhone before today, but I went ahead and tried. Same symptom, instantly crashes over and over again.

We’ve seen a few cases of this, and it seems to be related to the iCloud issue which is affecting some people.

For now, I’d recommend clearing your iCloud data to start fresh. More info on doing this can be found here.

Thank you for the info. I’m not seeing the option to delete Infuse data like the link you provided.

Under Settings > [name] > iCloud, there’s just a toggle switch, which I’ve toggled off. Picture atttached. Infuse still crashes.

I didn’t find anything related to Infuse under Settings > [name] > iCloud > Manage Storage

Hi, Have you turned on iCloud Drive? All your apps are toggled off. You should see manage storage then select that.

I have attached pics what it’s like on my iPhone

I’ve never used iCloud Drive. I was able to solve my problem though. I signed out of iCloud on my phone and aTV. That stopped the app from crashing. Then I could go into settings and disable iCloud Sync. Signed back into iCloud and everything is still working.

Thanks for the help.

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