App automatically closing

App launches and then after about 45s the application closes out. I was able to capture a video of the issue occurring. However, can’t post it here. The issue is happening across all devices with the app installed.

Could you provide what version number of Infuse and what device and device OS version it’s happening on?

In that 45 seconds, could you make it to the settings to send a diagnostics report and post the code here?

Let me know if I need to convert the video file. I was unable to attach the image that shows the version. However, the version shown in the settings tab is currentlt

Infuse application version (IOS install)
7.3.10 (4085)

On what iOS device and what version of iOS are you running? Do you have Infuse on the Apple TV and if so does it do the same?

I am currently running the application on all devices (iPadOS IOS, AppleTV and MacOS) All devices I experience the same issue. I only started noticed the issue after updating to the infuse 7.3.10 update. It has been happening since day one of the update and I submitted this information in a previous post but never got a response. Thanks for your response as of now.

Diagnosis Code:


The only prior post I can find from you is one regarding Infuse version 7.3.9 on the ATV and you didn’t respond to the questions asked in that thread.

What version of tvOS and iOS are you running.

TvOS: 15.4.1
IOS: 15.4.1

I’m having the same issue, but for me it turns out it’s my 3rd party remote. My Harmony remote started doing this, so I used the Apple remote, no problem. Bought a Sofabaton remote, issue returns.
I borrowed a couple other brands and same issue. The Apple remote is the only one that works.
Is it possible Apple has done something on their last update to cause this to happen to force users to use Apple equipment?
Hard to determine if the problem is AppleTV or infuse.

Any update on this issue. I have a lifetime Pro subscription member I am not able to use the application on any of my devices.


What did you do to fix the problem with 7.3.9? That may help figure things out. You didn’t respond in that thread.

The issue was never resolved.

Well, I’ve only found one other time that both ios and tvos were doing the quit after launch and it may take the same solution to get your problem solved.

Here’s a link that may work.

Just make sure to follow it step by step.

That worked. Wow this has been happening for a few months and all it was turning off iCloud sync and clearing data

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