Apocalypse Now Redux

The Apocalypse Now BD has two versions: the original and the considerably longer Redux. I’ve ripped both and have then in separate folders, appropriately named (the folder and the file within the folder). I’ve added jpg artwork to each folder (each file is named “folder.jpg”), one for the original film and a slightly different piece of artwork for the Redux.

themoviedb.org only lists the original film though. And for some reason Infuse won’t recognise the artwork for Redux: it will just show two identical Apocalypse Now (original) icons, with identical (original film) artwork.

If I rename the Redux as “Film” (both folder and filename), it will show the Redux artwork, and just to the “F” section of my films, As soon as I manually select the metadata for Apocalypse Now, it jumps back to the right place in the list, but reverts to the artwork for the original version instead of using the Redux artwork.

Is there a way to force it to use the Redux artwork I’ve added to the Redux folder? I don’t really mind that the data for each film is the same, or even that they both get given the same title. I just want to be able to tell them apart in Infuse easily.

ETA: well, it seems that ATV4 is picking up the right jpgs. Ipad isn’t though. Hmm.

What type of device are you streaming from? Are you connecting via the same method (SMB vs UPnP, etc…) on both iPad and Apple TV?

The Apps on ATV and on the iPad are both connecting over SMB. I have a NAS which is connected to a switch, which sits off the router. ATV is on a wired connection to the switch iPad is on a wireless connection to an access point, which it itself wired back to the switch.

Some more data:

  • contrary to what I said above, the ATVis no longer behaving - at least completely. On the “list” screen where all my films titles are and can be scrolled through, I now see two original film icons. If I tap on either icon I go into a "preview’ screen (director, cast, film description, and a further film icon) I see the correct artwork for each film displayed as an icon.
    And then just to confuse matters further, if I go into the metatdata for Redux, root around but do nothing and come out, the “List” now shows the correct artwork for both films. But if I then tap on the icon for the original film and come back to the “list” view, both films have reverted to both using the original film artwork in the “list” view.

  • on the iPad, both films display icons using original film artwork. If I go into the Redux film, and then into the metadata, and select “Apocalypse Now” as the film, then I can see different artwork for each film when I return to the list of films. But this is short lived - as soon as I tap the icon for either film and return to the list view, the artwork for each reverts to the original film.