API for Wife Acceptance Factor (WAF)

So; long shot here, though @james seemed to allude that it’s not totally out of the question:

Any chance there is/can be an API to Media Player and its DB?

I’d like to be able to write an app were my wife can select a movie (that resides on the NAS) from her iPhone and invoke the ATV2 to play it…

She can be doing something or otherwise be away and the kids are in the theater asking to watch Cars 2 or whatever.

If anyone has an idea as to an alternative (with the exception of: “uhmm, tell your wife to walk over there an click the remote…” I’ve suggested this… trust me…) or @james, let me know if this has potential as a part of the ‘beigelist’.



My suggestion is to use the app Airvideo and then you can just airplay and video from the iphone to the ATV.  Its actually pretty slick.

Thanks but where would the catalog of movies come from?

A number of APIs for interacting with the Apple TV in this way are currently in the works.

Stay tuned…

Thanks James; I’d love to beta for you guys, just let me know!