Anyway to Shuffle from all Seasons?

I can’t seem to figure out how to shuffle from all seasons of a show. I like to do this for certain shows. When I shuffle, it’s only the season I have selected.

You can shuffle all seasons by activating shuffle when highlighting the main series poster, when browsing a category like All TV Shows.

  • iOS - long-press
  • macOS - right-click
  • Apple TV - long-press Play/Pause button

Note: This is not yet available if you are browsing a media server via Direct Mode, but will work on home screen lists.

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Thanks, that was the issue. On my phone I have direct Mode on and obviously it won’t work. I have Library mode on my ATV but I had the Folders pinned and not the libraries. So it wouldn’t work on that either. But I unpinned the folders and repined the Library’s. It works now.

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