Anyway to disable or remove pretty view section?

I mean as in the posters of all movies and tv shows.

Just need to see file and folder directories. Thumbnails I guess are ok.

I don’t need all the fancy stuff.

You can switch to a list view by tapping the list icon in the top right corner while browsing files.

Does this help?

Yes thank you.

Does Infuse Pro support uPNP/DLNA as well ?

It is the only way I get no buffering from my WD My Passport Wireless Pro portable hard drive.

Using SMB works but a lot of buffering. :frowning:

Yes, UPnP/DLNA is supported as well. However, Infuse’s library features will not be available when using these.

One thing you can try to get SMB working better is to adjust the SMB version in Infuse. Give SMB2 or Legacy a try and see if you notice a difference.

Tried that.

May send it in for a RMA the drive sense it seems to be getting less performance than normal. It use to get a lot more.

One other suggestion, enable FTP on the Wireless Pro and try that format for Infuse. That may save you a return.

Drive performance will also degrade as you fill the drive up as it takes longer to seek to the outer portion of the disk.

Ok. Will do.

It was not even full and I know this. Thanks though.